Pilola Techcushion White Pattern on Coral Background Pillow Stand Holder Cushion Rest

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Pilola Techcushion White Pattern on Coral Background

The Techcushion’s wedge shape design provides a hands free soft and sturdy holder for your iPad or phone which is firm enough for you to use the touch screen functions with a comfortable viewing angle when placed on any surface. No more wrist ache which trying to hold your iPad or kindle in just the right position, leaving both hands free to work or read.

As technology has progressed I now make 3 sizes to suit all devices from phones through to iPad mini, e-readers, iPads and tablets.  I am passionate about fabrics and I am always searching for new quality fabrics from around the world to create the most original looking Techcushions. This means you can choose the stand that best suits your home décor or to liven up a work area.

The pattern on your Techcushion may vary slightly to the sample shown, depending on the size of the pattern repeat of the fabric used. 


  • Available in three sizes. You are sure to find the right size stand for your needs.
  • The small Techcushion suits all iPhones, smartphones and other mobile devices
  • The medium Techcushion is the perfect stand for plus size phones, the iPad mini and e-readers such kindles
  • The large Techcushion is just the right pillow for iPads and smaller tablets.
  • All Techcushions are made in quality cotton fabrics. The cushions are securely stitched and are filled with a mixture of fire-retardant polystyrene balls and plastic beads contained in an inner cover with just the right amount of weight to prevent the cushion slipping or sliding on your table or lap. Furthermore a padded lip on the Techcushion keeps your phone or iPad safely in an upright position.  
  • New laminated wipe clean fabrics coming soon for messy places such as playrooms or kitchens. Great for following recipes on your iPad.
  • Can be used with the device in portrait or landscape positions.
  • Surface wash only.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Quality bean bag holder made in the UK. Your purchase would be supporting a small business.

 Techcushions have many uses including:

  • Great for helping to prevent repetitive strain injuries from the everyday use of your devices especially strains on hands, wrists, arms and shoulders.  
  • Catch up with the news on your favourite device while eating breakfast or lunch
  • Suitable for people with arthritis who find it difficult to hold an iPad for long
  • Protect your phone or iPad by having a dedicated rest for your phone by a charging point.
  • Have one by your bed if you listen to music or use the alarm for your morning routine.
  • If your loved ones keep losing their phones around the house encourage them to put their phones on a Techcushion to keep them safe

They make great presents and with the variety of fabrics on offer you are sure to find a personal present for any member of the family, be that for a hedgehog lover, a Cath Kidston fan or someone with a connection to London.

I make all the Techcushions in my home studio in Berkshire and have been known to work with customers to find the perfect fabric to make the perfect iPad holder. Practical and lovely to look at too!