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What is a Techcushion?

A Techcushion is a pyramid shaped cushion or pillow that is the perfect rest for your phone, kindle, iPad or tablet. The Techcushion’s wedge shape design provides a hands free soft and sturdy holder for your iPad or phone which is firm enough for you to use the touch screen functions with a comfortable viewing angle when placed on any surface. No more wrist ache which trying to hold your iPad or kindle in just the right position, leaving both hands free to work or read.

What size do I need for my device?

I now make Techcushions in 3 sizes to suit any device. To help you select the perfect Techcushion for your needs here is a breakdown of each size and my recommendations:

Small Techcushion - Use this one for any size smartphones but it's a bit small for the plus size phones.

Medium Techcushion - If you have a plus size phone choose this one. Also great for the iPad mini, kindles and other similar e-readers. 

Large Techcushion - Perfect for iPads and other small tablets.

Small W11cm, D16cm, H10cm
Medium W16cm, D21cm, H14cm
Large W21cm, D25cm, H18cm

Do you make custom orders?

If you have a special theme in mind for a Techcushion for a birthday gift for someone etc do email me on info@pilola.co.uk If I can find what you are looking for I can make a special one just for you. This may incur an extra cost to cover that special fabric. Recently I have made elephant Techcushions as well as golf, american football and flags. 

Where can I buy Techcushions?
You can purchase Techcushions here on this website but if you want to look at some Techcushions before you buy we also stock Techcushions in a number of shops. Our stockists currently are: 

Alison's Wonderland
Viables Craft CentreBasingstoke


Made by Raspberry Tart

Previously in Wallingford the lovely Cathy has now moved to Harlech in North Wales. She is busy renovating a shop which will be open very soon. To find out more see her Instagram page.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/twoblacksheep.shop/

We are always looking for new stockists so if you are interested in stocking our Techcushions on either a consignment or wholesale basis do email me at sue@pilola.co.uk to have a chat. 

Where can I buy TOPModel products?
I sell TOPModel products on this website and also in my eBay shop:

I appreciate that £3.99 delivery is a lot to pay when buying a couple of colouring books so the delivery cost for TOPModel products and some notebooks has now been reduced to £2.50. Please note that postage costs are added to the purchase price on eBay.  

How much is delivery?
For further details see the delivery page:


What do I do if i want to return an item?If you want more details on how to return an item see:

Do you have a Privacy policy?
Please look here for our Privacy policy:

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