About Us



Hi. My name is Sue Parker and my company Pilola is based in Wokingham. From my home studio I manufacture my main product, the Pilola Techcushion, a stand or cushion, for phones, iPads and tablets crafted in many fabric designs which can be colour matched to your home decor or used to liven up a work area.

How many times have you propped up your iPad or Phone against a shelf, bowl or cushion so you can use it hands free or to stop your wrist from aching? Using this as my inspiration I set about designing a beanbag pillow that would help solve this problem. After a couple of prototypes I came up with the Techcushion initially only in the smallest size for phones. Some of my daughter’s friends very enthusiastically tested the samples and it soon became very clear that to make this a quality product the poly balls needed to be secured inside an inner cover to stop them from escaping.     

As technology has progressed I now make 3 sizes to suit all devices from phones through to iPad mini, e-readers, iPads and tablets.  I am passionate about fabrics and I am always searching for new quality fabrics from around the world to create the most original looking Techcushions for my customers. This means you can choose the stand that best suits your home décor or to liven up a work area.

They make great presents and with the variety of fabrics on offer you are sure to find a personal present for any member of the family, be that for a hedgehog lover or someone with a connection to London. I have been known to work with customers to find the perfect fabric to make the perfect iPad holder. Practical and lovely to look at too!  

As well as this website Techcushions are also stocked in several lovely gift shops in the UK. Please look at the Stockists tab on the main menu to see where you can purchase Techcushions. 


Why TOPModel products and other Art/Design products?

It seems an odd mixture of products to put on the Pilola website. In the future this may end up as 2 separate websites but for the moment they are together. For many years as my children grew up I sold Children's gifts at PTA and Gift Fairs. As they grew older and I was aware of different fads and popular brands in the toy market I bought different products. I still sell TOPModel products along with Nebulous Stars, Ooly stationery and notebooks from Lola Designs and English Graphics. I sell the majority through my eBay shop but hope to increase sales by selling through the website as well. For creative children they are a lovely ranges of art and design books allowing children to experiment and practice their design skills.